Before Buying a Home

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The Greater Kansas City Housing Information Center offers pre-purchase classes to residents interested in buying their first home.

The Classes Cover Important
Topics, Including:

  • Step 1: Are you ready for homeownership?

  • Step 2: How to prepare a household budget

  • Step 3: Shopping for a home

  • Step 4: Shopping for a mortgage loan

  • Step 5: Closing on your loan

  • Step 6: The house is yours, now what?

Benefits to Be Achieved:

For clients to maintain residence in housing which meets their needs and which they can afford. HIC uses several indicators to assess progress toward this goal:
  • Successful participation in counseling sessions

  • Completion of pre-purchase and pre-rental homebuyer/renter classes

  • Acquisition of apartment or rental house

  • Purchase a home

  • Brought mortgage or rent current

  • Execution of agreements with lenders or landlords to prevent foreclosure/eviction

  • Acquisition of housing to meet special needs